About Our Food

The Dinner Dude's Healthy Foods, Healthy You

So what's cooking? The Dinner Dude offers a variety of gourmet food ideal for individuals interested in a healthy lifestyle. We make food that gives the body energy and satiety. Our meals are made from whole foods, ingredient by ingredient in our own kitchen. Therefore, we can accommodate most special dietary needs. People following a low glycemic diet to manage diabetes or wanting hCG diet meals will also find The Dinner Dude a great fit.

All of our meals are meticulously prepared with the freshest whole ingredients, creating food that is satisfyingly rich in flavor. We even have an on-site butcher who hand-trims each protein portion for extra lean, clean meat. Yes, it's true: The Dinner Dude offers foods that are healthy AND taste great. Read below about the variety of healthy meals that The Dinner Dude prepares everyday or go directly to the menu items that interest you by using the Quick Links to the right.

Paleo Style Meals

Our Paleo Style meals are ample portions of plants and animals, fruits and nuts. These meals are prepared with adequate healthful fats, coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil or a little clarified butter. Order now from our Paleo Style menu or simply come to our store to taste and see.

Paleo Style Sirloin with Herb Roasted Tomatoes
Gluten Free Panini

Gluten Free

Many people today are trying a gluten free diet to lose weight and boost health. The Dinner Dude offers an assortment of meals that include fresh meats, fruits, vegetables and even dairy, while steering away from wheat, barley, and rye. Because our meals are carefully prepared from scratch, we are able to avoid adding foods with gluten however The Dinner Dude is not a gluten-free facility so there is a chance for cross-contamination. Check out our Gluten Free Menu as a way to stick to this diet without feeling deprived.

Yeast Free

Yeast free diets are often used to jumpstart weight loss but also to address allergies and boost immune systems. Yeast-free, grain-free eating eliminates dietary sources of yeast and other fungi, vinegar and fermented products, and sugar and carbohydrate rich foods that provide nourishment to yeast in the GI tract. If you are trying a yeast free diet for a short period of time or permanently, view our Yeast Free Menu to see the delicious meals that we offer.

hCG Meals / Small Bites

Our hCG meals include 3.5 ounces of lean protein and 3.5 ounces of vegetables prepared without any additional fats. These carefully prepared meals strictly meet the hCG diet requirements, but are also a good fit for individuals who prefer low calorie smaller meals, often interspersed with small snacks throughout the day. Visit our hCG Menu section to peruse our tasty menu that makes the hCG diet easier.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks... The Dinner Dude offers it all and you can purchase your meals one at a time, for multiple weeks at once or somewhere in between. The Dinner Dude aims to create great-tasting meals that are good for you. Either way, you'll feel great and love the food you're eating. Order yours today.

Famous Texas Chili