Houston Meal Delivery: Your Options, Ranked

60% of U.S. consumers order meal delivery or takeout once a week.

Sometimes, you can’t whip up any food for your kids. If you’re not in the mood to make food tonight, you’re not alone. But are you ordering the best?

In this day and age, practically every restaurant delivers. You won’t do well to find the highest quality meals by googling “meal delivery near me.” You’re going to want to get specific about your meal delivery options.

Thankfully, there’s a solution.

This article will walk you through all you need to know about options for meal delivery services in Houston.

Ordering From Restaurants

When people think of meal delivery, their mind usually goes to restaurants. If you’re looking for meal delivery in Houston, you may automatically think about what your favorite restaurant is and want to order from there. It won’t be that hard to call them up and ask them after all.

And on top of that, you don’t even have to call! Many disruptors like GrubHub, UberEats, DoorDash, and Postmates make it easy to get food delivered to you at the push of a button.

But there’s a problem.

While these services are convenient, they do have certain drawbacks. The cost, between the normal cost of ordering out, tip for the restaurant, tip for the driver, and service charges, can wind up being exorbitant.

On top of that, you might end up with food that’s cold or has many other issues with it. The fact of the matter is, restaurants specialize in providing quality in-person experiences, having a good delivery service is something they think about on the side.

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Your favorite restaurant might not be able to deliver when it comes to delivery. Additionally, many restaurants are still open during the COVID-19 pandemic; you don’t want your food being handled around so many strangers.

While ordering from restaurants is a prevalent option these days, it isn’t the only game in town.

Meal Delivery Services

The biggest advantage of ordering from a meal delivery service — any meal delivery service — is that you know you’re getting food from a place that’s specifically designed to make your delivery experience good.

A meal delivery service might allow for same-day delivery, or it may allow you to select a certain number of meals you want a week and have them delivered ready to your door. This process saves you time when you cannot get to the cooking and saves you money when you don’t have to order out.

While at a restaurant, you might have to order several meals and pay fees that increase exponentially as you order more and more food; meal delivery services expect you to order for your whole family. You can pick plans specifically designed for you to get your family fed without breaking the bank.

The time available for people to prepare meals has drastically reduced as our world has gotten busier and busier. The various meal kits, meal plans, and even diet plans can be a great solution for the mother on the go.

No matter how we rank the best Houston meal delivery services, we rank them all above ordering from a restaurant.

However, while all meal delivery services have their advantages, they weren’t all created equally. Let’s take a look at some of the best meal delivery services in Houston and figure out which ones are best for you.

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Mind-Body Fuel

Mind-Body Fuel is a Houston-based delivery service that focuses on providing Keto meals to families. Because they follow the Keto diet, most of their meals are no-carb or low-carb and feature no processed ingredients.

However, if you’re not someone who doesn’t follow the Keto diet, you might be disappointed at the lack of options. Their meal plans can also wind up a bit expensive, jumping up to $249 a week for a 19 meal plan.

Snap Kitchen

Snap Kitchen is known as a healthy option for people who follow all sorts of diets. They’re not all that expensive, with breakfasts costing anywhere from $4 to $7 and dinners ranging anywhere from $7 to $15. They’re a trendy option in Houston and have 11 Houston area locations.

However, there’s a major problem with Snap Kitchen.

No matter where you look on the internet, you’ll see the same issue repeated — the taste. While there isn’t anything wrong with the taste of Snap Kitchen’s food, there is a certain underwhelming sensation. Their foods have been reported to be bland and slightly under-seasoned.

While they do hit all the technical requirements, we believe that food should be healthy and provide a good taste. They rank above Mind Body Fuel, but they’re not the best quite yet.

Dinner Dude

Dinner Dude is surely the best option for food delivery in Houston. They offer meal delivery packages options and allow same-day in-store pickup, in case you get the craving for something specific the day of.

They provide many options for people of all sorts of different diets, and the customer testimonials show that people enjoy eating the food. With Dinner Dude, you can always rest assured that you’re eating something delicious and healthy. On their website, they offer everything from bun-less burgers to Texas chili to meatloaf.

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Treat Yourself Healthily

It’s tough to be a Mom in the modern-day world. Finding yourself a good meal delivery service will help relieve you of some of the burdens of being a mother.

Though everyone’s tastes are different, we recommend staying away from ordering directly from restaurants (for your wallet), avoiding less flavorful options like SnapKitchen (for your sanity), and going with an option that strikes a perfect balance, like Dinner Dude.

If you’re ready to eat, order now!

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